I/O combinator

supporting early stage entrepreneurs

I/O: programming | a programming language that favours simplicity and flexibility with its most remarkable feature being its openness to using external code resources.


We support entrepreneurs at the idea stage (pre-seed funding) to enable founders to get their business idea off the ground.

Due to our teams experience in sales, marketing and start-up operations we focus on working with technical and engineering lead founders.  Partnering to commercialise their business idea, get the business up and running and obtain venture capital funding.

In exchange for 5% equity we bring unrivaled expertise to founders of early stage start ups. Our aim is to complement (not replicate) a founders’ expertise and support them with skill-sets outside their own.

The team works with selected founders to refine the business model, validate the value proposition and then jointly pitch the business to potential investors for funding.

If you have a business idea you would like to discuss with the I/O-Combinator team get in touch.